Saturday, September 17, 2011

50 over years Friendship

The venue for reunion at old town P.J. is the best place for for reunion with old frens, as most of us study in primary school here, and when secondary school some stay in old town P.J.

It is a small small world, here we bounce into wong wing thim one year our junior who having dim sum with his wife n daughter n grand daughter..

Chong Fook Sin my childhood play mate at the old town wet market, his mother open a coffee shop at the row of wooden single storey shops at Jalan 19. We use play many type of traditonal games which now new generation kids does not play at all. We study at the same primary school at road 10 then secondary school BBBS. He is good in drawing n lateer intrested in photograhy still managing his taxation servces company started after left the Income Tax department.

Yap Hock Hoe our school head perfect is our link with all other old classmates n school mates, after we left school 1965 all need to cari makan so we lost touch but he still keep close touch with school teachers etc and manage to recoonect us again a few years back all becos of email, face book etc...

Shek Loong totally haven't meet him since after we left school school this the first time, I can still remember his name but forgeton many things related to him, if i were to bounce into him I acan only know this face very familar to me but with Fook Sin n Hock Hoe together sure I know it is him that I wonder to meet again so much.

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1961 Reunion Dim Sum

Malaysia Day 15th September 2011, after months of planning finally old classmates from 1961 BBBS diim sum reunion at old town P.J.
Hock Hoe, Shek loong, myself and Fook Sin 0930-1140 hrs.

I bought along 2 zhu nee tea pots,double layer glass pitcher to kkep the tea warm, filter etc to brew some best puer ripe n raw puer tea for such old frens after 50 over years.

Hahaha my frens all knew about the goodness of drinking puer tea not they are still busy in managing their own taxation company etc.
I was busy brewing enough tea as they drink like fishes so fast maybe due to the dim sum...

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Lax with Perth

After 50 over years what a small small world one from Los Angeles and one from Perth having nasi lemak, both wanted for nasi lemak..they miss for years..

Both order teh tarik like good old days... so cheap eating here using AUS dollars ...

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West Coast US n West coat Malaysia

after 50 over years finally met up with Ibrahim Karin from LAX and me from K.l. for a simple lunch curry mee..

our meeting point at Mid valley garden mall....
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